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Thank you to our National Volunteers for Kids Help Phone

On September 2nd, Kids Help Phone held a virtual meeting for their volunteers with CEO, Katherine Hay, and Justin Trudeau as a special guest. As a former volunteer for their Crisis Text Line platform, Mission’s Aliya Lucatch attended the event to get an inside view on the organization’s progress throughout the tumultuous year of 2020.

Since their initial launch 2.5 years ago, KHP has taken 281,000 texting conversations and have 2,200 volunteers from every province and territory across Canada. Since March 2020, youth requiring the CTL service had doubled and the organization realized that they would need to work extra hard to give Canada's youth the support they need. In March, the government of Canada announced a $7.5M donation to KHP which has provided them with the financial strength to accomplish their goal of keeping youth safe and keeping their service uninterrupted in both English and French 24/7.

We are grateful all Crisis Responders who have so generously donated their time and empathy throughout this crisis to empower our youth. With their help, they are able to carry some weight and lesson the load that weighs on many young people who are struggling, so that they are able to move forwards more easily.



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