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To deliver effective results and create positive innovation and strategic changes in the charitable sector.



To usher Canada into a new and unprecedented era of philanthropy, leaving our world better than we found it.



Mission Inc. is a fundraising consulting firm focused on organizations in the non-profit sector. We believe that the pinnacle of successful fundraising includes a strategic, collaborative, and passionate approach to fund development and capacity building. We are a partnership of innovative, dynamic leaders – mission-driven to our very cores – who imbue our values into our best-in-class consultancy firm. We are committed to delivering effective, sustainable results in the philanthropic and fundraising sector in Canada and have collectively secured over $150M in charitable donations. We have experience working with a wide variety of organizations, including healthcare facilities, arts and culture, educational institutions, youth-focused initiatives, and social services.



Our strategies are “built to scale”. From lean organizations with small teams, to larger and more complex internal structures, we can provide a range of support from successful short-term strategies for action-based changes to long-term strategic overhauls. We believe in co-authoring a results-oriented plan with our clients; empowering your existing team to reach fundraising goals and, in turn, fulfill your mission. By providing high-level strategic and onsite counsel to charitable organizations throughout the planning, implementation, and management stages, we support our clients to realize their goals and continue to build capacity for tomorrow.




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What our Clients are Saying

"Brock Community Health Centre is a non-profit charitable organization in the small rural community of Brock Township (Beaverton, Sunderland and Cannington).   We provide primary health care programs and services to the community and surrounding areas.


Brock Community Health Centre has a capital project to build a 21,000 sq.ft. site for our programs and services of which approximately $450,000.00 dollars were needed to fund an additional community hub space.  We needed to raise funds and as our Board of Directors were not experienced with capital campaigns, we sought the assistance of a fundraising consultant.  We hoped this person would get us organized, create a plan, and provide the tools required and set us off on our way.


The Board of Directors were impressed with Marissa’s energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge of our project.  She stood out in our interviews as extremely positive and motivating.  They felt that she would be able to give this project personal attention and focus.  They were not disappointed. 


Marissa was able to provide our group with the knowledge, tools and framework needed to take what was an overwhelming project and transform it into achievable goals and steps.  We were able to adapt the tools to our changing capital campaign but maintain the direction and focus that had been laid out.


Marissa did some pre-work before assembling our plan which involved speaking to community leaders and opinion shapers.  This was an invaluable step for us, as we were able to see that our campaign needed to include some public education about who we were and what we do.  Marissa had begun the ground work for us to begin to build our donor prospect list.


Our Capital Campaign Cabinet was motivated by Marissa’s positive and infectious energy.  We had confidence, a plan and the tools we needed.  The Cabinet set about planning and started officially raising funds in April of 2019 and in approximately 11 months had raised more than the targeted amount of $450,000.00.  The Cabinet had a very real sense of ownership, commitment, and professionalism in its approach to raising the funds.

We thank Marissa for being the spark that ignited us to reach our Capital Campaign goals."

⁠— Janet McPherson
Executive Director, Brock Community Health Centre 

— Terri Donovan

Chair, Capital Campaign Cabinet, Brock Community Health Centre 




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